Six Books I Am Reading This Winter

I shared my reading list for the first time on Joy in the Ordinary this past summer.  I had a good time sharing it with you guys.  I actually read most of the books on the list, but some I didn't instead they were replaced with books I thought were a bit more interesting.  Now it's winter, and I am finding a bit more time to enjoy reading again.  I am excited to share with you six books that I am committed to reading before spring arrives. 

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I made my selections using tips from Anne who blogs at the Modern Mrs. Darcy.  She is hosting a 2017 Reading Challenge.  The challenge covers 2017 in its entirety.  The books I am sharing today are the ones I am focusing on for the winter portion,  Without further adieu ...

Winter reading list The Magnolia Story, The I Factor, Faith Over Fear, Jubilee

My Six Book Selections for Winter

I was so excited about reading the books I selected, I've already finished The Magnolia Story in between writing this post, and I am currently working my way through the Happiness Dare.  So far both of these titles are well worth reading.

What are you reading this winter?