BookLook Bloggers Review: The Making of a Man By Tim Brown

Last year, the opportunity to review Tim Brown's Making of a Man was presented to me.  I thought that this book would be great for my husband to review, and he did just that.  In this BookLook review you will find his thoughts instead of mine.

The Making of a Man is a memoir and faith building book geared towards men and young men written by former Oakland Raiders wide receiver and Notre Dame Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Brown.  The book goes through the peaks and valleys of his life and career, and the dynamics of relationship with God.

I believe that many men, including myself, struggle to figure out the defining characteristics of a man and our role in the family structure.  We understand and are certain that part of our description is being the  the provider and protector, but we often struggle with the emotional side of life.  Mr. Brown is transparent in this book, and reveals to us his emotional side, and his feelings during childhood and his adult life.

Initially,  I was not certain the direction he was taking me while sharing his journey, but after chapter three or four I began to realize that he was showing the reader his growth as a man and how his relationship with God was challenging.  My favorite chapters from the book were: Chapter 6,"Men Need Mentors" and Chapter 16, "Little Things Lead to Big Results".  I appreciated Chapter 6 is because oftentimes men act as if we do not need help, and have the "I can do this on my own" mentality.  He shows that getting advice and leaning on others is okay.  Another favorite was Chapter 16  because it shows us that we cannot skip steps in life, relationships, family and business.  We must be diligent and focus on every detail in everything we do. 

I would recommend this book to all the men and young men in your life.  It shows that we all struggle in life and no matter how bad it may seem God is always there.

We received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts are those of the writer.

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