On My Bookshelf: Overextended...and loving most of it! By Lisa Harper


Overextended and loving most of it! is Lisa's story about the numerous ways God uses her during the most hectic and pressed times.  Lisa offers humor and writes in a way that many women are able to relate.  Most of Lisa's story focuses on her road to adoption and the deadlines she faces as an author and speaker.  Although she may not speak to every woman's specific needs, you may be able to relate to the feelings that she shares.

My favorite part of Overextended was the BLAST acronym. She shared this acrostic to help during the times when you just want to give up. I am not certain if she was the originator of this acronym, but it offered me hope to make it through my goals.

The acronym is...

Breathe : Inhale God's peace. Exhale anxiety.

Listen: She takes this from Isaiah 30:21. We must take the time to hear God's voice even in the chaos.

Ask: Ask God for clarity in our current circumstances.

Smile: Now we all know what a smile can do for our spirit.

Take the next step: This self explanatory, but Lisa says, "a little forward momentum is often all it takes to rock us out of an overwhelmed rut."

Overextended is not a how to book, but it does offer some encouragement, a few practical tips, and many examples of how God works through the lives of common people.

I received this book for free through Booksneeze.  All thoughts about this book are my own.

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