On My Bookshelf: Collage This Journal

I am a creative.  I enjoy creating and making.  It helps to me to relax.  Collage This Journal by Eleanor Shakespeare is a different type of journal.  It's not just about responding to a prompt with words, but instead it is a self-help and creative book that allows the collager (is that a word?)  to bring meaning to the book with their own pictures, drawings, scraps, etc.

I received this book for free to review for the publisher.  All opinions are my own.

The journal begins with a page which calls for the creator to make a collage using a variety of photos featuring herself.  It is recommended to use photocopies of the pictures versus using the originals.  I think this is a great idea unless you have duplicated copies of the pictures being used.

The book continues with prompts throughout such as "what would would fall out of your time capsule in 100 years"?  Another prompt is "fill the scales with things that hold particular weight or significance in your life."  These prompts are helpful because they caused me to reflect on some things that I had not thought about while also allowing me to have fun by creating an image instead of simply responding to the prompt in written form.

With 52 projects, I can create one collage per week and have my book completed by the end of the year. 

The only downside of the journal in my opinion is the images of people. I would have liked it if the background images on some of the pages did not include any images of people since none of the photographs of the people reflected people who look like me.  They are time inspired images, but I am sure people of other races existed in the time period represented.   I haven't decided if I will overlook the images or simply cover them with my photos. 

Latonya MoComment