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I am not a big movie watcher. In order for me to sit down to watch a movie or television for that matter I have to plan it in advance and it must be something that I really want to see. This was the case when I recently sat down to watch the Captive DVD through . I received the DVD with Digital HD to review. I saw the preview for Captive when I viewed War Room at the theater last summer. Before seeing the preview, I had not heard of the story of Ashley White and Brian Nichols even though it made headline news. Nonetheless, I was intrigued by the story. Review

If you haven’t heard of the story here’s a brief synopsis, Brian Nichols murdered several people as he escaped from police custody in Atlanta, GA.  During his rampage, he found his way to the apartment of Ashley White whom he did not know prior to this event.  Ashley, a widow who struggled with a meth addiction, was taken by surprise and held hostage for at least seven hours by Nichols. 

The movie, Captive , recaps the story in 96 minutes. There’s not high end cinematography, in my opinion, to make the story appear exciting, but instead it is displayed in a true to life form as if the events were actually happening. By taking this approach, it reminds the viewer that these events are not a form a fiction, but that those who lost their lives were indeed real people with real families. All involved endured real pain.

As I watched the movie, I found myself wondering why someone would choose to cause havoc and pain.  I also found myself reminded that God could use anyone to bring peace and redemption to any of us.  A phrase that I often think of is “He uses everything.” Everything includes pain, uncertainty, and fear; it’s not just the good stuff that He uses.

Brian’s actions were horrendous.  Out of those horrendous actions, Ashley found herself broken from an addiction that she could not break on her own.   Through this ordeal, she has remained drug free, and Brian lost his strength run.   Captive reminds me that God can use anyone He chooses to do His will, and even the most painful circumstances can offer redemption for at least one person. offers Christian movies to inspire and entertain. The website has a wide variety of movies including movies for children available on DVD and Blu-ray. is now offering an ultimate giveaway pack on their website. You may enter the drawing by subscribing to their email list using
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